Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (2023)

Life in Horizon West is About to Get Even Sweeter!

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (1)

Crumbl Cookies

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (2)

Paris Baguette

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (3)

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Maple Street Biscuit Company

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (4)

Hash House A Go Go

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (5)

White Rabbit Dessert Experience

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (6)

The Peach Cobbler Factory

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (7)

Crumbl Cookies

Sweet Treats and Comfort Eats Coming to Horizon West (8)

Paris Baguette

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Warm up your tastebuds and sweet tooth because there are about to be several scrumptious new options to indulge them in Horizon West.

From bakeries to biscuits, there is something for everyone no matter how you like to snack or brunch. Looking for modern takes on comfort food? Got it! Want quick service-style sweet treats? Got that covered! Looking for a table service dessert experience? That’s coming, too!

Here’s a look at the lineup of restaurants opening in the near future.

Please Note: The opening timing provided for each establishment is the current target at the time of this writing. Construction or other delays could result in changes to planned timing.

Paris Baguette – Opening Planned for Early June

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Paris Baguette is a South Korean company with plans for major expansion in the US. The company says its goal is to re-establish the neighborhood bakery café as the heart of the community around the world. So, Horizon West resident Hong Rickett is bringing the very first Florida franchise location of Paris Baguette to Hamlin to do just that!

With an impressive lineup of baked goods including over a dozen types of cakes (several of which are also sold by the slice), freshly baked breads, and a delicious variety of sweet and savory pastries and donuts, Paris Baguette is sure to have something for every patisserie lover.

Salads, hand-crafted gourmet sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner and an array of hot and cold coffees, teas and seasonal beverages will also be available to round out your visit.

This location will have indoor seating as well as over 1000 square feet of patio space for enjoying the delectable treats made by certified bakers, cakers and baristas who are brimming with talent and eager to share their perfectly crafted creations.

LOCATION: Hamlin, 15996 New Independence Pkwy

Maple Street Biscuit Company – Opening Planned for Mid-Summer

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Founded in 2012, Maple Street Biscuit Company promises "comfort food with a modern twist.” With biscuits baked from scratch every day, fresh cracked eggs and a quirky take on comfort food, they offer an alternative to ‘boring breakfast.’

Here, you’ll find dishes (pictured above) like:

  • The Five & Dime: All-natural fried chicken breast, pecanwood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg*. Topped with house-made sausage gravy with a kick or shiitake mushroom gravy.
  • BAM! Yo Yo: Asiago-bacon waffle, two pieces of all-natural, crispy chicken breast, maple butter and Bissell Family Farm's real maple syrup.
  • The Squawking Goat: As featured on The Food Network! All-natural battered chicken breast, fried goat cheese medallion and house-made pepper jelly.

In addition to biscuit-based dishes, there are waffles, frittaffles (cast iron baked omelets), sides and shareables, and more. Don’t forget to add mimosas and their Signature Maple Vanilla Latte to your meal.

Most Maple Street Biscuit Company shops close at 2pm, but the Hamlin restaurant plans to be open until 3pm for all your breakfast, brunch and lunch needs!

LOCATION: Hamlin, 16027 New Independence Parkway, Suite 100

Hash House A Go Go – Opening Planned for Early Summer

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Hash House A Go Go, best known for farm-fresh, Midwestern comfort foods with a funky, modern twist and its HUGE portions, is building on 10 years of success in Central Florida by opening a second location in early summer this year at Flamingo Crossings.

The new 7,500 square feet restaurant has seating for 260 indoors and seating for an additional 50 on the outdoor patio, which is perfect for the crowds that will be lining up for their signature Hash House A Go Go dishes including Andy’s World Famous Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles, Hash House Famous Twisted Flap Jacks, Churro Waffles, the Tractor Driver Combo and a variety of creative Farmhouse Egg Scrambles and Hashes.

The showstopping dishes will keep your party full from breakfast or brunch straight through dinner! And there will be plenty of drink options with their signature Bloody Mary creations, a variety of Mimosas and more.

LOCATION: Flamingo Crossings, 13272 Hartzog Road

White Rabbit Dessert Experience – Opening Planned for Late Summer

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You won’t believe your eyes when you see what White Rabbit Dessert Experience is doing to redefine how dessert should be served! This full-service, sit-down dessert experience offers made-to-order waffles, crepes, sundaes, cakes, brownies and much more. With a modern, open kitchen concept, they will be serving over 100 dessert items and offering a full espresso bar. And one of the highlights is that they make their own ice cream daily in small batches!

Take a look at these dishes (pictured above):

  • The Berry Awakens: Black Raspberry Ice Cream, Brownies, Belgian Dark Chocolate Sauce, and Praline Crunch on a French crepe.
  • I Want S’more: White Chocolate Ice Cream, Graham Cracker Pieces, Belgian Milk Chocolate Buttons, Belgian Milk Chocolate Sauce and Marshmallow Sauce on a Belgian Waffle
  • Big Chocolate Lovin’ Cake: Six layers of moist chocolate cake with Belgian Milk Chocolate Sauce.

Operations manager Alicia Singh says that over the years, White Rabbit has created some amazing dessert combinations to delight their guests, and they've added a gluten free menu, too. The Flamingo Crossings location will be their fifth, and the team is looking forward to providing a modern and contemporary dining experience for residents and visitors. With an Alice in Wonderland theme and 3500-square feet, many Disney lovers and dessert lovers alike can look forward to dining here.

LOCATION: Flamingo Crossings. 153 Sugar Belle Dr. Unit D

The Peach Cobbler Factory - Opening Planned for Mid-Summer

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Did you know there could be twelve different flavors of peach cobbler? How about twelve types of cobbler cookies? Or twelve flavors of banana pudding? The Peach Cobbler Factory offers all of them and more!

The Peach Cobbler Factory is home to the world’s most unique offering of desserts under one roof! Visit them to enjoy warm, delicious cobblers (served with complimentary ice cream), banana puddings, savory, sweet cinnamon rolls, Pudd-N Shakes, Bigger & Better Cookies, and more.

And you can wash it down with Made-in-House Sweet Peachy Tea or Cold Rush Cold Brew Coffee. They offer seven vegan cobblers, too!

LOCATION: The Shoppes at Winward Cay, 13848 Tilden Road

Crumbl Cookies – Opening Timing To Be Announced at Later Date

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Crumbl was co-founded by Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, two crazy cousins with one big dream that included finding the perfect combination of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips to create what they believe is the world’s best chocolate chip cookie! As Crumbl continued to grow, so did their flavor offerings! The brand now focuses on developing unique and delicious cookies inspired by popular flavors, foods, desserts of all kinds — from pies to cakes to candies and more . Each week, the menu rotates to give you six delicious gourmet flavors to experience.

Crowd favorites (pictured above) include:

  • Milk Chocolate Chip: The classic—you can't go wrong. Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips.
  • Cinnamon Roll: A soft and thick cookie is covered in a layer of cinnamon sugar and a delicious swirl of cream cheese frosting.
  • Classic Pink Sugar: A vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting (now containing real almond extract).

LOCATION: Hamlin, 16027 New Independence Parkway, Suite 110


Is Horizon West a good place to live? ›

Horizon West is a suburb of Orlando with a population of 54,038. Horizon West is in Orange County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Horizon West offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes.

Is Horizon West a city? ›

Overview. Horizon West is a new community located in southwest Orange County designed using the principles of Garden Cities and New Urbanism to create self-sustaining, mixed-use villages.

Is Lake Nona a rich area? ›

If you've ever even just strolled by Lake Nona Estates or driven by, it's easy to see why this is one of the richest neighborhoods in Orlando.

What is the biggest city in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

The main settlement is Chainscrape, a mining town with a lot of side mission threads to pull at, and people to talk to. It's worth doing as much as you can here as you'll be able to level and and get some good gear to set you up for the next area.

Who owns Horizon West? ›

Kelsian Group has announced that it has completed its acquisition of operator Horizons West Bus and Coachlines. After first announcing the planned acquisition in October last year, the multi-modal transport operator has now finalised the acquisition of assets.

What is the planned community near Disney? ›


What cities will be in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

  • Banuk.
  • Carja.
  • Oseram.
  • Nora.
  • Quen.
  • Tenakth.
  • Utaru.

Where do most millionaires live in Florida? ›

Miami, Florida, which includes the city and the island of Miami Beach came in the number one spot on the list. The Henley and Partner's report stated that during December 2022, there were over 800 centi-millionaires with homes in the Florida city. Miami has also seen a millionaire growth rate of 75% from 2012 to 2022.

What is the richest suburb in Florida? ›

1) Palm Beach (South Florida, Palm Beach County)

The town is known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and high-end shopping and dining options.

What is the most richest part in Florida? ›

The richest city in Florida is Palm Beach. The median household income in Palm Beach is $169,500. It's also the Florida city with the most billionaires, with an estimated 30 billionaires living in Palm Beach as of 2022.

What is the most beautiful place in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

10 Most Breathtaking Locations In Horizon Forbidden West
  • 8 Plainsong.
  • 7 The Drumroot.
  • 6 Riverhymn.
  • 5 The Cauldrons.
  • 4 The Memorial Grove.
  • 3 The Northern Mountains.
  • 2 Scalding Spear.
  • 1 Fall's Edge.
Feb 23, 2022

What is the strongest tribe in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

The most powerful and indeed advanced tribe in Horizon Forbidden West is the Carja. Carja featured in Zero Dawn and some of the tribe's familiar characters return in Horizon Forbidden West. Operating from the capital, Meridian, the Carja control a vast expanse of land known as the Sundom.

Will there be a 3rd Horizon game? ›

So, in addition to the online multiplayer game we know is happening but hasn't been officially revealed, we can now say (with even more confidence than before) that Horizon 3 is coming. Hooray!

How well did Horizon Forbidden West sell? ›

"As of April 16, 2023, the Horizon franchise has sold through more than 32.7 million units worldwide, of which Horizon Forbidden West has sold through over 8.4 million units," said Guerrilla Games studio director and studio art and animation director Jan-Bart van Beek.

How many Forbidden West units have been sold? ›

By the end of 2022, 530,454 copies of the game had been sold in the UK. In Germany, over 200,000 copies of the game were sold during its launch month.

Was Horizon Forbidden West a success? ›

Horizon Forbidden West Sold Over 8.4 Million Units; Franchise at 32.7 Million. Guerrilla's Horizon Forbidden West game has sold over 8.4 million units, as announced today in a blog post, while franchise lifetime sales are at 32.7 million, meaning Horizon Zero Dawn has surpassed 24 million sales to date.

Does Disney have a 55+ community? ›

The “Disney Del Webb”

Like most Del Webb communities, Del Webb Oasis will have a long list of amenities for 55+ residents to enjoy, including a 12,000 sq. ft. resort-style amenity center. You can request more information right here.

What is Disney moving to Lake Nona? ›

The Walt Disney Company plans to relocate about 2000 jobs from California to Orlando's Lake Nona community. On June 16, 2022, Disney said the timeline to move its employees to Lake Nona would be delayed from 2022 until 2026.

What Disney attraction is closing? ›

The attraction, first opened as a log-flume ride in the late 1980s, will cease operations to begin the next phase of development for Tiana's Bayou Adventure. ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Splash Mountain at Disneyland Park will be closed starting May 31, 2023, Disney Parks announced Wednesday.

Where is Plainsong in real life? ›

Plainsong is built upon what the Old Ones called the Western Grand Array, most likely based off the Very Large Array in New Mexico.

What DLC is coming to Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC release date

Burning Shores is now out, having released on 19 April 2023. The downloadable content was unveiled at The Game Awards in late 2022, gaming's annual awards and trailers showcase.

Is Alcatraz in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Come and Get it! Crawl Tonight? Live@Alcatraz is a datapoint in Horizon Forbidden West.

Should I let her live in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

The main difference between letting her live or killing her is that if she lives, she'll accompany you in the final mission of the game during the assault on the Zeniths. It's a largely token gesture, adding more of a visual flourish than altering anything.

What is so good about Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Horizon: Forbidden West offers players many unique ways to tackle combat. They can sneak past enemies, dealing deadly stealth kills. They can go all out, using all types of ammo with every bow they have at their disposal. They can also become the ultimate melee warrior.

Is Horizon West hard? ›

Horizon Forbidden West's battles, particularly against machines, can be tough even on Normal unless you really know what you're doing, so if you decide to go harder, prepare for a proper fight.

Does Horizon Forbidden West have towns? ›

There are 28 Settlements in Horizon Forbidden West. This guide shows all the settlement locations (towns, cities, villages). Settlements frequently contain quests and merchants.

Does Aloy have a love interest in Forbidden West? ›

For that reason, many fans have assumed Aloy to be queer as well. Burning Shores, the new DLC for Forbidden West, confirms Aloy's sexuality with the introduction of a romance between the heroine and her female companion Seyka, who's new to this new chapter.

Does sparing Regalla do anything? ›

Which Outcome is Better? Narratively speaking, choosing to spare Regalla and allowing her to go out in a blaze of glory is undoubtedly the better option and provides a much more satisfying conclusion to Regalla's tragic character arc.

Does Aloy fall in love in Forbidden West? ›

While Aloy encounters dozens of characters throughout Horizon Forbidden West, there are unfortunately no romance options in the game. There is no way to build affinity with any characters and become romantically involved with them, and there are no love scenes at all.

Why is there no romance in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Why is there no romance in Horizon Forbidden West? Well, just as she was in Horizon Zero Dawn, it seems that Aloy is too busy saving the world during Horizon Forbidden West to have any interest in pursuing romantic relationships.

Does it matter who you side with in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

As it really doesn't matter who players choose to side with though, Horizon Forbidden West players can simply pick the one who they like best without having to worry about the potential consequences.

What is the max level in Horizon West? ›

The maximum level you can reach in Horizon Forbidden West is 50. Reaching level 50 is one of the game's Trophies; for more information on the Trophy list, visit our guide: Horizon Forbidden West Trophy Guide: All PS5, PS4 Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

How long does it take to 100% Horizon Forbidden West? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Horizon Forbidden West is about 29 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 88 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the hardest side quest in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

With one main objective, the penultimate quest in the game is an all-out battle to the death between Aloy and Regalla, the hardest boss to beat in Forbidden West.

Where is the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Outside of quest rewards, the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West is found at the Arena near the throne of the Tenakth chief in the Memorial Grove. You will have to work to get it, and the weapons there are just as worthy of your medals, but they are extremely powerful.

What is the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

#1 - Nora Thunder Warrior Is Horizon Forbidden West's Best Armor. The Nora Thunder Warrior is the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West, hands-down. The armor is ranged focused with the highest impact damage among the legendary armors while massively buffing concentration.

Where is the bulwark in real life? ›

Named Locations
Horizon LocationReal Life Location
The BulwarkSentinel Dome, CA
The DauntZion National Park, UT
The DrumrootThe Subway, UT
48 more rows


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