Magic The Gathering Dinosaur Deck - (2023)

How To Use Dinosaurs In Magic: The Gathering

THE PREHISTORIC LORD DECK – Elder DInosaurs – MTG Arena – Original Decks – Historic

Carefully consider your deck’s theme when choosing which dinos to include. Can you deal damage to yourself? Go for dinos with enrage traits. High mana costs? use cards like Etali and Gishath to play them for free.

Whatever route you opt for, dinosaurs are a fierce bunch few rival in strength, and thanks to green’s mana ramp and their own tribal supports, they can hit the field sooner than you might think. I hope to see more dinos in future sets, but for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast’s next expansion of prehistoric carnivores, vote for your favorite dinosaur and I’ll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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The 34 Best Dinosaurs In Magic Ranked

Gishath, Suns Avatar | Illustration by Zack Stella

Ive always been a fan of dinosaurs, from Dinosaurs the TV show to Jurassic Park, in cartoons and video games. These giant majestic beasts are always stomping around. Magic players could always play with big creatures like Verdant Force and Craw Wurm, but we had to wait until 2017 to play with actual dinosaurs.

Today Im going to take a look at the most notable dinosaurs printed in MTG, go over some suggestions to build your dino decks, and show you a sample list that incorporates the best aspects from competitive dinosaur cards.

Ready? Lets just dive right in!

Are Dinosaurs Good In Mtg

Dinosaurs are a very popular card type in modern day Mtg. They can provide a lot of powerful effects that can help your deck perform better. However, dinosaurs are not without their weaknesses.

They can be difficult to cast and can be killed by common cards. If youre looking to include dinosaurs in your Mtg deck, make sure you have a good strategy for using them.

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Atla Palani Nest Tender

Not only is Atla Palani, Nest Tender a flavorful commander, but it’s one of the best commanders for a Dinosaur Tribal deck. Tapping it can make an Egg token that when it dies will let you cheat out the first creature you reveal from the top of your deck and put it on the battlefield. Since Dinosaurs cost so much mana to cast, this allows you to get around their casting cost entirely.

Unlike other commanders with similar effects, Atla Palani, Nest Tender guarantees you will always hit a creature to put on the battlefield. This ensures that the resources used to get the effect off don’t go to waste.

Why Play Gruul Over Jund Dinosaurs

Magic The Gathering Dinosaur Deck - (1)

I actually played quite a bit of Jund Dinosaurs. My version was already different than most in that I didnt have Duress or Noxious Grasp in my sideboard. I simply didnt like playing these cards with only 9 or 10 black sources. I was literally splashing for Rotting Regisaur only.

Rotting Regisaur obviously fits a deck with Otepec Huntmaster and Ghalta very well, but it did require a more painful and less consistent mana base, and it wasnt great in every matchup. Especially against heaps of chump blockers or removal spells, the discard trigger was a major downside.

Also, the perfect draw is a two-drop accelerant into a four-drop Dinosaur. Often, I wished that Rotting Regisaur was either a mana dork or a beefier Dinosaur. A three-drop creature just doesnt fit the ideal draws you want to achieve. I had been considering cutting the black already, and Ondejs version was the final push I needed.

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What Is A Dinosaur Deck In Mtg

mtg dinosaur deck

A dinosaur deck in Mtg is a deck that uses dinosaurs as the main focus. This can be done in a variety of ways, but typically a dinosaur deck will use a lot of the same cards, like dinosaurs, to try and create an advantage.

This can be done by using them to block or attack, or by using them to create powerful combos.

Dinos Of The Perfect Curve

Wizards has shown us, rather blatantly, how a perfect midrange curve works. Ridiculousness ensues.

With Enrage, it means blocking our guys gives us a bonus that can potentially put the game away. They’ll know you have big fat fatties in the deck and giving someone lands or cards can put themselves too far behind. So they’ll have to either race or find an alternate plan.

: well if they die we get a land…so, ok. The curve goes long and our fatties get more and more potent. I like to attack with it early and then leave it back to discourage attacks.

: nice booty, drawing cards is nice too. Can kill a Regisaur and live, and also presents the dilemma of blocking or giving me a card. Always like to see 1 in an opening hand, and drawing multiples just draws things out which gives us the advantage.

: funny thing about this “alpha” is the second one you get in play becomes the new alpha, one-upping last turn’s guy by borrowing his haste. This deck is all about pressure and getting this down on turn 4 with gets a swing for 7 and a lot of potential problems if left alive. All we need is one more land to curve into the new super fatty…

: as Timmy as it gets. Following up Reggie gives it haste. So cool. You can’t counter it or use targeted removal against it, so once you have 6 mana people are gonna start freaking. Plus, if things go right there’s gonna be so much other pressure that trading itself to remove a bunch of blockers isn’t that horrible.


Seriously fast and fun.

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What Is The Most Powerful Mtg Deck Of All Time

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a persons individual preferences and style of play.

However, some of the most popular and powerful dinosaur decks include those that rely on powerful creatures such as dinosaurs and dragons, as well as spells that can easily take out your opponents creatures.

Illuna Apex Of Wishes

DINOSAUR TRIBAL IS GREAT – MTG Arena – Original Decks – Historic

Illuna, Apex of Wishes saw play in a heavy mutate deck with Auspicious Starrix. The combo is very powerful if Starrix is already mutated, and it can create a lot of card advantage. As a commander, it leads an army of mutated creatures into the battlefield or cheats big creatures into play with the help of some top of the library manipulation like Brainstorm.

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How Do You Make A Dinosaur Deck Mtg

Making a dinosaur deck for your next game of Magic: The Gathering can be a fun and exciting experience.

There are many different ways to go about making a dinosaur deck, so it is up to you to decide what is the best way for you.

Some people might prefer to use pre-made decks, while others might prefer to build their own from scratch.

It really depends on your personal preferences and what kind of dinosaurs you are interested in playing.

In any case, there are some great dinosaur cards available for use in your deck. Here are a few examples:

Tyrannosaurus Rex This mighty dinosaur is one of the most popular cards in the game and can be very powerful when used correctly.

Stegosaurus Stegosaurus is a powerful card that can provide a lot of card draw and creature removal.

Rodactyl Rodactyl is a powerful creature that can easily deal damage to your opponent.

How To Build A Dinosaur Deck In Mtg

mtg dinosaur deck

mtg dinosaur deck

If youre looking to build a dinosaur deck in Mtg, here are some tips to get you started. First, think about what kind of dinosaurs you want to include.

Do you want to focus on big, powerful creatures like T-Rex or Brontosaurus? Or do you want to go for more subtle options like Velociraptors or Ankylosaurus?

Once youve decided on your favorites, look for cards that can help you create those dinosaurs.

Some of the best cards for this type of deck are creature cards like Dragons Mazes Molten Giant or Theross Titan of Fire, as they allow you to create large creatures quickly and easily.

Other great cards for dinosaur decks include spells like Journey into Ny

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The 5 Best Dinosaur Cards In Magic: The Gathering

These creatures often have beefy stats and Trample.

Dinosaur cards in Magic: The Gathering are powerful and beefy creatures which usually have Trample to do excess damage to the opponent.

There are plenty of Dinosaurs to choose from to strengthen your deck. While some provide powerful effects from the get-go, others might need some time before they can unleash devastation on your opponent. Due to this, it might be difficult to choose the best Dinosaurs to play in your deck, so weve listed the most powerful creatures which you should include in your decks.

Here are the five best Dinosaur cards in MTG.

Top 10 Best Mtg Dinosaurs

Magic The Gathering Dinosaur Deck - (2)

So here we are again. Another article and some more cool tribes to explore. This time is all about the prehistoric big bois Im talking about the best Dinosaurs in MTG.

Dinosaurs are one of the newest and most unique creatures in the game. They are known for being high CMC cards with big power. They also have enraged as a tribe specific ability. Which is flavorful and mechanically different from others.

This tribe was mostly prominent in the Ixalan block and its approximate set releases. They have also seen some presence in the recent Ikoria set with the incorporation of the mutate ability. Overall, they are somewhat new creature type with a lot more to be explored in the future.

This list will include some of the best Dinosaurs in the game, with the focus mainly on the format of Commander. This is because the higher amount of Dino cards are played in this format.

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Mtg Dinosaur Deck Modern

mtg dinosaur deck

A dinosaur deck in modern may seem like a strange idea, but there are a few cards that can work well in a deck with dinosaurs.

The best dinosaur cards for a modern deck are ones that can help you win the game early, such as Fireball or Lightning Bolt.

Other cards that can work well in a modern dinosaur deck are those that can help you deal damage to your opponent, such as Skullcrack or Lightning Strike.

mtg dinosaur deck

Which Mtg Sets Have Dinosaurs

Thrasta, Tempests Roar | Illustration by Andrew Mar

The first set to have dinosaurs was the Ixalan block. Dinosaurs were concentrated in green, white, and red in Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan. Core Set 2021 brought dinosaurs back shortly after in black for the first time.

Dinos became a very popular card type. They were brought back in Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths since it made sense in that set as a card type.

Heres the list of sets that dinosaurs appeared in, and how many were in each set:

  • Ixalan: 38 cards

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Imoti Celebrant Of Bounty

Imoti, Celebrant Of Bounty is a Simic commander that while not the most common color combo for Dinosaurs, is still a fantastic commander for them. Since all of your Dinosaurs tend to cost a lot of mana, Imoti, Celebrant Of Bounty will give them all cascade, allowing you to bring out even more creatures or cast powerful spells along with them.

Green is Dinosaurs’ primary color, allowing you to play with plenty of the best ones. Not only that, you have access to blue which in turn lets you play counterspells to make sure that you are able to cast your spells without worrying they will be removed as soon as they hit the battlefield.

What Mtg Set Has Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are a popular theme in the world of Magic: The Gathering. There are a number of different sets that include dinosaurs, and each set has its own unique mix of dinosaurs and cards that work well with them.

Some of the best dinosaur cards for your Mtg deck include cards like flyers like Pterodactyl and Triceratops, card draw like Stegosaurus, and powerful creatures like T-Rex.

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The Best Dinosaur Cards For Your Mtg Deck

A dinosaur deck in Magic the Gathering can be a lot of fun. You can build your own deck or use one of the many premade decks that are available.

And this article will help you answering about mtg dinosaur deck

  • mtg dinosaur deck 2020
  • mtg standard dinosaur deck 2021
  • mtg dinosaur token deck

Snapdax Apex Of The Hunt

Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt is a weird card. Players compared it to Siege Rhino on release. Snapdaxs rate is totally fine, but it hasnt found a home. Players have tried to build some decks around it in Standard and its possible that it was a strong card against aggro/burn.

Unfortunately Snapdax seems to be in the wrong colors. Its a cat, but tribal cat decks are usually mono white or Selesnya . Since mutate is the way to go some EDH decks play Snapdax alongside basically every single mutate card, which are concentrated in blue and green. Still, the interaction between Cubwarden, Dirge Bat, and Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt is a strong one.

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Every Shape Color Size

Ixalan‘s Dinosaurs come in come in the Naya colors: red, green, and white.

Red Dinosaurs are generally the lowest toughness and highest power. You’ll find aggressive attackers like Nest Robbers and Rampaging Ferocidon in this color.

Green Dinosaurs are the biggest, and have some of the best abilities and power/toughness rates for cost. From the high-value Deathgorge Scavenger and Ripjaw Raptor to the nigh-impossible to stop Carnage Tyrant, green’s Dinosaurs are the beefiest of the bunch.

White Dinosaurs tend to focus on defense capabilities such as tapping other creatures. All flying Dinosaurs are in white .

You can easily build a Dinosaur deck by pairing any two colors, but there is little reason not to do three-color Dinosaur builds.

With cards like Drover of the Mighty, Channeler Initiate, Pillar of Origins, Unclaimed Territory, and Attune to Aether in Standard, it’s not hard to get the mana you need to play the best Dinosaurs from each color.

Use mana creatures to ramp into playing Ripjaw Raptor, Regisaur Alpha, and Carnage Tyrant early. Huatli, Warrior Poet and Gishath, Sun’s Avatar support and sustain the assault. Savage Stomp and Pounce can trigger enrage and give you a way to clear the field.

Standard Deck Guide: Gruul Dinosaurs

Magic The Gathering Dinosaur Deck - (3)

Dinosaurs have been around since Ixalan, but the tribe never made it into competitive Standard. Until Core Set 2020 that is, as changed everything. With a follow-up Raptor Hatchlingeffectively a one-mana 3/3 that gives Marauding Raptor +4/+0you can now even cast a turn-3 Ghalta in Standard.

Indeed, the deck I will cover today was created by Czech superstar Ondej Stráský. I liked his build, took it for a spin myself, scored an encouraging 6-4 on MTG Arena, and made some updates based on my experience during those matches.

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What Are The Best Dinosaur Cards For A Mtg Deck

mtg dinosaur deck

mtg dinosaur deck

There are a few different types of dinosaurs that can be used in a Mtg deck. Some of the best dinosaur cards for a Mtg deck are those that have abilities that can help you win the game, such as flying or having a powerful attack.

Other good dinosaur cards for a Mtg deck can be creatures that can help you protect your other creatures, such as a triceratops or an allosaurus.

It is important to choose the right dinosaur cards for your Mtg deck, and to find ones that will help you win the game.

Alta Palani Nest Tender

Alta Palani, Nest Tender is one of the potential commanders you can use for a dinosaur tribal deck, although more often than not she’ll be one of your 99. By tapping and paying two mana, you can create a 0/1 green egg creature token with defender. Whenever an egg you control dies, you then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card, then put that card onto the battlefield.

It’s similar in ways to the Naya commander Mayael the Anima, but its much more consistent as its ability to play a creature is not dependent on the creature’s power. Using her ability, you can hatch your eggs into powerful dinosaurs for a fraction of their total converted mana cost.

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What Was The Dinosaur Errata

After the release of the Ixalan block and dinosaurs first introduction, it made sense that former creatures that were dinosaur-like but had other creature types like beast or lizard were erratad to be dinosaurs. It was more of an aesthetic change because the cards that changed type were mostly old and irrelevant, except Deathmist Raptor.

This errata allowed me to put Deathmist Raptor in the list of best dinosaur cards. It was originally printed as a lizard beast but is now a dinosaur beast.

Weve had a lot of morphology in our Lizards and Beasts, so we had to draw some lines. We also had to establish rules to respect Onslaughts Beast-tribal themes:

If you were ever printed as a Dinosaur, youre a Dinosaur!

If you were printed a Lizard and youre really a Dinosaur, youre no longer a Lizard. You keep your other creature types, if any, and gain Dinosaurosity.

If you were ever printed as a Beast, youre still a Beastbut you may also be a Dinosaur. This is due to Beast tribal in Onslaught block.

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